Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute – CNTI (Coordinator)

CNTIThe Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute (CNTI; also known as Future Worlds Center; is a research, non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan, independent organization active in programs with future orientation in areas related to human brain, modern technology, social transformation and the repercussions of relevant research for humanity. Founded in 1991, its scope of activities focuses on the application of technology towards bridging all types of gaps in our societies, including gender, age, literacy, economic, and digital divides. It promotes the integration of modern IT in education and in life-long learning, as well as scientific research on how technology can be used strategically to serve society.

It is a competent leader and partner that develops new ideas, new models, and new strategies, always grounded on first-, second and third-phase science, future and emerging technologies, and the neuroscience of collective intelligence and collective wisdom.

CNTI has extensive experience in envisioning, coordinating, implementing, and monitoring projects, trainings, conferences, and workshops. During the past decade, CNTI has envisioned, designed, secured funding and coordinated more than 70 projects:

CNTI has implemented many projects in Inclusion and Accessibility, such as COST219ter, CARDIAC, etc. CNTI’s projects are roughly clustered within three different units, the New Media Lab, the Global Education Unit and the Humanitarian Affairs Unit. The New Media La: concentrates on the role of new media and technology in bridging the educational, economic, political and other gaps in society by facilitating learning.


 Imatia Innovation – IMATIA

imatiaImatia Innovation, S.L. is a spin-off of the University of Vigo. Established in 2006 and with offices both in Vigo and A Coruña (in the region of Galicia, northwest of Spain). It focuses on creating technologies that improve productivity when developing software applications. It uses these technologies to provide solutions to end clients as well as other companies using a distribution model. Imatia is a technology-based SME that dedicates most of its resources to R&D, positioning itself in the mid-term as a world-class technology provider. The company set for itself a 5-year ambitious R&D plan, keeping track of the evolution in its main business lines.

Imatia has experience in international R&D consortiums, like “Vesselcon” with the objective is to provide solutions to road transportation traffic congestion, as well as ambitious national consortiums from the CDTI; so far, Imatia has participated in 8 R&D multi-year consortium-based projects. The leaders in the projects include leaders in their sectors, including Acciona, Gamesa Innovation, and FCC, among others.


 Gluk Advice – GLUK (WP 4 leader)


Gluk Advice B.V. is an SME established in 2012, located in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Goal of the Company is to create honest work and solutions, which are exploratory, inspirational and quality driven. Gluk Advice B.V. is a Company that is oriented in Technological (IT) and Business activities. Technological subjects that the Company holds experience and is active are, IT Healthcare, Online Communities and Big Data management, Smart Sensors networks, Earth Observation data driven value added services. For all the above we find the markets and with our solutions we contribute in the market expansion.

Gluk Advice B.V. supports new business development, providing strategy-planning support, pitfall avoidance and business process management consultancy. The company offers services in product development lifecycle, services customization according to the customers’ needs and specialized design and implementation of tailored made solutions towards the final integration. Towards our research activities we ensure that we keep up with the latest trends. Through the participation in Technological Research European funded projects we are meeting new researchers, we exchanging know how, and always targeting in an optimal result.


Compexin SA – CPX

compexin-logo-small          Compexin is a company with wide experience in performing software applications for mobile/web/cloud based on the latest technologies. With more than 20 years of experience in managing national projects we have proven our expertise in data management software, water management software, automation and network infrastructures projects. The range of solutions provided covers a large number of activities that allow our customers and partners to meet their business objectives. The experience gained in complex projects developed and implemented helped us diversify our range of services and know-how. We have developed software services and application for our clients from private and public sectors and university area. Our team has implemented more than 20 projects with a strong innovation component on the Romanian market.



Dom upokojencev Nova Gorica – DUNG

dungRetirement home Nova Gorica is a social welfare institution, located in a quiet area of Nova Gorica. The basic activity of Residential Care Home Nova Gorica is providing institutional care services for the elderly. We all need a supportive environment this is why we give priority to our resident’s well-being. We treat the individual, tailoring our care to their needs and making sure our residents feel at home.   We provide 24-hour medical care, 365 days a year, and twice a month a psychiatrist and diabetologist visit the residents. Moreover, once a week we provide pet therapy for people with serious functional impairment or with dementia. The therapy helps speed up the rehabilitation process, reduces pain and helps improve functional and cognitive skills.

Since we are also a learning base for students of the School of Healthcare Science and the students of Secondary Medical School, several groups of future nurses visit the Home during the week, because we find it important to have contact with younger generations.



Development Centre of Information and Communication Technologies Savinja Žalec, Ltd – RC-IKTS

IKTSRC-IKTS (Development Centre of Information and Communication Technologies Savinja Žalec) was founded in 2010 by 11 consortium partners (8 SMEs, University of Maribor, Municipality Žalec, Regional Research Agency Savinja). In cooperation with group of domestic (University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor) and international scientific and research partners from Austria (University of Graz, Department of Psychology) and USA (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN) and with the support of EU, evaluated useful information technology solution 24alife that aims at detecting, monitoring and removing negative effects of stress, preventing psychosomatic disorders, providing valuable feedback and leading every day more than 10.000 end-users to a healthy way of life.



 Ana Aslan Foundation – ANA (WP1 leader)

anaAna Aslan International Foundation (ANA) is a non-profit organization with medico-social care, research and pre-academic and academic education profile in the field of aging, with focus on brain aging. ANA is also a methodological forum in the field. Based to its resources, (the Center for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Memory Diseases, its R&D department, a well-skilled multidisciplinary staff that includes researchers, doctors, psychologists, medical assistants, kinesiotherapists, etc., and other TIC endowments).

ANA was and is currently involved in clinical trials (FP5-LIFE QUALITY projects ICTUS, DESCRIPA, Ebixa), as well as in over 10 FP7-IST, ICT-PSP, AAL and LLP projects (K4CARE, SHARE-it, MobileSage, AgeingWell, Mobile.Old, CONFIDENCE, LiveWell, E-No FALLS, CarerSupport, StayActive).

ANA was also invited as member of the experts group of the Market Observatory on Ambient Assisted Living, recently initiated by The Ambient Assisted Living Association.