The Project

We set as central objective to develop a platform for providing formal and informal caregiving services to older adults that live alone in their own homes, at low cost, and that focuses on the active prevention and the maintenance of relationships with friends, family, and the community.

We start from a basic assumption: that the use of the TV as the central element of the system is appropriate for delivering this kind of services to older adults at their own homes. This device is the favourite one between all the older adults in European countries, it is a simple-to-use device and the users are already skilled to use it.

Our multichannel intelligent platform developed to be used on TV, but also on smartphones and tablet will pay a special attention at active prevention, and reinsertion in social life of older adults.

Our project strength points are:

  1. Use Smart TV in combination with Smartphones and tablets, as main interfaces; and to use other secondary peripherals (e.g. Wii, Kinect) for certain services.
  2. Involvement of end-user associations from the beginning of the project in the identification of needs, establishing priorities and apps needed to reach the end-user
  3. Services designed at helping older adults to keep in touch with friends, family, caregivers, and other members of the community.
  4. Wide testing pilot sites with 300 people and with diversity in cultural and administrative implementation from Western Europe to Southeast Europe, helping us to identify particular elements of each country that may influence the final design of a holistic system.
  5. Development of a business plan to start marketing the product SENIOR-TV no later than one year after the finalisation of the project.