Target Users

Our target group are older adults who are already retired, older than 60 years of age in some countries of the European Union but most commonly older than 65 years of age, and that live with their partner or alone with a specific care necessity formal or informal and willing to reintegrate themselves in the social. Through all the project phases (tests and pilots) we will involve 300 unique end-users.

Three out of the 8 partners in the consortium have direct access to final users. Feedback from end-users in the three piloting cycles is key for determining which the viable alternatives for a business model are.

The project is structured in such as way that end-users are the drivers, and they express their wishes and needs for the platform. This will guarantee that the developed platform and services really meet users’ needs. Following that philosophy, the design of the user interface will be driven by usability feedback from end-users. In this way, we will ensure that primary end-users will receive a user interface suited to their needs. This is a key point in the project, and the intensive piloting strategy will ensure that the product delivered at the end of the project is appropriate to be used by older adults in a daily basis.